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The overall mission of the GMHHOA Board of Directors is to oversee ALL aspects of the Goldmine Hill Condominium Complex and Goldmine Hill Homeowners Association. The Board is charged to represent the interests of all homeowners and has as its primary goal the maintenance of the health and stability of the Association. 

The Board of Directors reviews and approves all Finance/Insurance line items, committee matters, answers and acts on comments/questions from all residents, and manages the office staff. 

The Bylaws of the Association (Article V) authorize the Board to appoint subordinate officers, and the Rules & Regulations, Topic 1 (D) states that "Committees are established and dissolved and members appointed and removed by the Board of Directors that also determines responsibilities, authority, and budgets for the committees." 

The Board of Directors elections take place once a year at the GMHHOA annual meeting held in December. Each Board of Director member is elected to serve for a period of one year. Only members of the Goldmine Hill Homeowners Association are allowed to vote for or become members of the Board of Directors. 

Please feel free to contact the Board of Directors at any time via the Property Management Company.

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